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Treverket is a snekkerveksted concerned with quality and good materials, have great carpenter joy and pride for the subject. They offer special decor and furniture, where they work closely with the customer. The timber moves into new premises in Kielland path of Hafrsfjord, Chicago in June 2012 at the historic ground. Alexander Kielland’s Teglverk held here, and the timber will now have the same property no. & Title no. as brickworks had. The premises are former timber mills in various forms and it is with great enthusiasm that the timber is now breathes life into tradition.

The task was to profile the timber in such a way that their quality and attention to detail, was visually based on their identity. The logo has many levels and depths with small details where the inspiration came from moldings and materials. We have designed the logo, business cards, envelopes, letterheads and new websites.

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    Treverket Treverket is a snekkerveksted concerned with quality and good materials, have great carpenter joy and pride...
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